KXS Digital takes a unique approach to UX Strategy Consulting by leveraging our expertise in neuroscience, media studies, and human-computer interaction to optimize the customer journey, increase ROI, and help businesses grow.

Digital Media Transformation

UI/UX Research &

Optimizing the end-user’s experience of digital products through customer journey mapping and digital fieldwork.

Marketing &

Comprehensive cross-platform digital marketing and communications strategy consulting rooted in brand identity.

Content Strategy & Web Development

Leveraging cognitive psychology, information science, and marketing insights to empower digital strategies.

Using insights from cognitive psychology to craft optimum marketing & communications, UI/UX, and human-centered strategies.

Stunning, Fully-Responsive Websites

User Data Insights = ROI

Reach your Audience

Grow your Audience

UI/UX Research & Design

  • User Interviews
  • Digital Fieldwork 
  • Survey Development 
  • Usability Testing 
  • Generative and Evaluative User Research
  • Inspection and Analysis Methods
  • Demographic Observation and Targeting

Digital Marketing & Communications

  • Audience Analysis, Segmentation
    Digital Marketing and Communications
    and Targeted Campaigns
  • Industry-specific Research, Writing, Design, and Analytics 
  • Pitch Decks for Startups 
  • Web Development and Search Engine Optimization/Marketing (SEO/M)
  • Content Strategy Consultation 
  • Social Media Strategy, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Advertising

Content Strategy & Information Architecture

  • Industry-specific copy writing and graphic design
  • Intuitively Structured Information 
  • Usability and Accessibility 
  • Instructional Communication IT, Cognitive Learning Strategy and Training Resources 
  • Multimodal Stimulation and Attention Activation