• UX Research + Design
  • Audience Analysis
  • Digital Strategy Coaching

Do you want to improve the outcomes of your digital campaigns?

We take a unique approach to UX Strategy Consulting by leveraging our expertise in neuroscience, media studies, and human-computer interaction to optimize the customer journey, increase ROI, and help businesses grow.

UI/UX Research & Design

Optimizing the end-user's experience of digital products through customer journey mapping and digital fieldwork.

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Marketing & Communications

Comprehensive cross-platform digital marketing and communications strategy consulting rooted in brand identity.

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Content Strategy

Leveraging cognitive psychology, information science, and marketing insights to empower digital strategies.

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The shifting landscape of the media ecology demands innovative solutions to generate and keep audiences interested. This applies to everything from prime time television to viral TikTok videos. It’s all about reaching your target users in the right way, at the right time. Send us a message to find out how KXS Digital can help […]

Digital Media Transformation

The strategy-analytics revolution

Over the past decade, advances in digital analytics have transformed the way businesses operate. From marketing and pricing to customer service and manufacturing, advanced analytics is now central to many corporate functions. The same, however, cannot be said for strategy—at least not yet. It’s time to bring advanced analytics into the strategy room—here’s why. While […]